The Afro Soul Prophecy

Released: 2017

  SC 716 | EAN: 8018344217161 | Buy 7"



On the path to a full-length record, which will be released on Schema in the nearby future, and after the introductory afro-dub 10-inch EP “The Devil Made Me Do It”, The Afro Soul Prophecy project welcomes the Spring of 2017 with a series of two exclusive 7-inch records, for a total of four fully instrumental new compositions.

The first 45rpm in this series consists of the main track “Red Light District”, a rare groovy funk effort tinged with catchy brass melodies, backed with the slower, mellow and sensual “The Game of Love” – yes, the title says it all!

Once again, the longtime Schema Records collaborator, composer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Puddu has lent his creativity and put his music signature on these tracks, for an exciting and charming result!