The Dining Rooms

Released: 2008

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“Other Ink” is a collection of tracks previously released only on vinyl and EP (Ink EP 1, 2, 3) and unreleased tracks.

The original versions appear on the “Ink” album and EP’s except for “Exit a New York” which is taken from the French edition.

Inside this tracklist we mention the remix of the title track of TDR’s album “Ink” which is the opening track of this project. The lingering atmospheres recreated by The Cinematic Orchestra make the track sound intense and dramatic yet not heavy and very enjoyable.

“Fatale” meets the art of the Berlinese producer Christian Prommer, whose touch gives to the piece a brand new shape. Live, organic percussions are blended into a spacey and electronic vibe. The result is a full-length, sophisticated club mix.

The Juju Orchestra gives to Brazilian noir “Cobra Coral”, sang by Toco, a modern and Dance/Jazz flavour. Moody, jazzy, a mid tempo floater. Beautiful are the vocals performances from the singer.

Also nice are the remixes by Populous and Santino Burnetto, both emerging producers and musicians whose electronic sounds embellish two of the most interesting pieces by the The Dining Rooms.