The Invisible Session

Released: 2006

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The Project; The Message

A Universal message of intimate research is delivered over the wings of a “deep-gospel-jazz” style: both lyrically and musically. The authors of this “invisible music session” express the will to share their own personal conclusions, which spring from personal, interior research. Nevertheless, the message is passed with no intention whatsoever to patronize through a particular creed or to preach any dogma.
The Invisible Session are Luciano Cantone (one of the two founders of Schema Records), producer of the project as well as writer of most of the lyrics (except for the song entitled “Heroes Of Sponge Cake”, whose lyrics are by Alessandra Basile); Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi who composed, arranged and performed the music in this album, together with Cantone.
The producer’s profound and spiritual pathway, together with its resulting vision, crossed with the two musicians’ affinity in the same investigation. After months spent together making music, sharing their own understandings, the three decided to let their conceptions flow into music.
Once common inspiration was found, it became the guiding star to the “invisible session”. Ten compositions where various music genres interconnected, giving life to a unique force. Coming from hours and hours spent listening to music, yet firmly conducted by passion and cultural exchange, the Trio Cantone, Fedreghini and Bianchi shaped up a project whose strength resides in rhythms and in contaminated Jazz. Hence, Gospel and Blues blend into new sounds. Hard-Bop accompanies and holds up Rhythm & Blues flowing into a club dimension.


The Musicians

It is not possible to mention the performers, valuable collaborators to this recording, without boasting their skills of great musicians. They all managed to identify themselves in the part they played, catching every shade within.
The companions of this experience are well known to the jazz and non jazz international audience.
Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet is a true personality on the worldwide jazz stage. In this project he played with intensity and determination. Gianluca Petrella on tombone is a rising star of Italian Jazz; here he played the role of painter-poet. Simply listening to his solos is sufficient to notice the depth of his search for melody. Renato D’Aiello on tenor sax, originally Neapolitan, has moved to England some time ago. There he plays extensively sharing musical experiences with several musicians. Here Renato is the explorer, whose task is to open the path showing the way to follow.
Enzo Frassi (the philosopher) on double bass, Maxx Furian and Luciano Cantone on drums, with Sandro De Bellis on percussions, give relevance to the rhythmic structure, whose mission is to remain attached to mother earth, in a style that is strictly Afro. Paolo Fedreghini has contributed supervising all the electronic part as well as programming. He is responsible for some important hints during the composition. Finally Marco Bianchi on acoustic piano delivered an exceptional performance. His performance is in some ways biting and melodic. At times melancholic or ironic, at times jazzy or slightly classic, nonetheless always concealing the spirit of someone who knows music thoroughly.


The Singers

Jenny B, is popular in Italy after winning the Sanremo Festival in 2000 as well as for her various appearances on Italian TV channels. She worked with Luciano Cantone in the past, as the singer of his band “Funky Company”. Here Jenny, (in her own words) felt comfortable, finally free from “shackles”, as in free from the pace and obligations of the music industry. As a result she naturally followed the same path intended from the producer, managing to express herself completely. From her interpretation is transparent how she absorbed the lyrics in this album as well as shared the concepts. Jenny sounds, mature, strong and spiritually inspired.
Even Mika gave a sublime interpretation in the only track she sang: “I’ll Be Your Wings”. The “gusto” was meant to be specifically classical. The fact that she actually is a Opera singer helped her succeeding flawlessly.


The influences

As a matter of fact influences are numerous here. From the “black-jazz” scene of Chicago (Sun Ra, Art Ensamble Of Chicago, Cecil McBee, Music Inc….) to R&B poetry of Gil Scott Heron; from the soul-Jazz of Lonnie Liston Smith to the Gospel of Mahalia Jackson and Etta James; from Aretha Franklin to Earth Wind & Fire. From the great ones in Jazz as Jhon Coltrane and Miles Davis, to Pharoah Sanders and Gary Bartz, from Dizzy Gillespie and Art Blakey to Cal Tjader, and in any case all those musicians who inspired in a particular way the trio of “The Invisible Session”. Both under the rhythmical as well as in the figurative and imaginative aspect.


The compositions

“To The Powerful”
The groove is pressing, transporting the listener in some kind of hypnotic channel where is virtually impossible not to come out dazzled. The “tubular bell” on the upbeat of one, as a steady point, indicates how crucial is to hold up straight the spine. Towards the deterioration and stress connected with economical power, echoes of prayers soar from the sound of “dolak” and “tambura” (we are in India obviously). The tension relaxes and the heartbeat emerges spontaneously through the voice of Jenny B, launching an appeal in a ”blues” style to the powerful men on earth; in order to preserve from destruction what is left of the planet. A request to protect the right equilibrium of terrestrial elements, necessary to life even in times of the most ruthless, economical consumerism. Truly remarkable is Fabrizio Bosso’s solo on trumpet.

“My Inspiration”
Is an ode to Music. Sacred energy and universal language amongst the living as well as in the “other” dimension, the one of the spirits. A unique tool to get in touch with them, opening to parallel worlds and unknown civilizations.
The authors of the album bow down to the eternal friend of mankind, capable of recalling memories that are hidden in the depths of human souls.

“Till The End”
One of the strongest and most immediate pieces in the album, so much so to become a potential single. The rhythmical exploration in this track elevates a Bossa Nova performed clearly empty from Brazilian mannerisms where ‘beats’ shape a fluid swing in the sixteenth played over the ride.
In contrast to the rhythmic pattern is the singing. Hugely soaked in lyricism, in a typical blues style, Jenny B sings: harmony and wisdom are a one single essence, and have only one system to reach it. The journey can be non-stop or interrupted from breaks to recoup both physical and mental energies. Nevertheless, when one gets to the crossroads between wisdom and dispersion there can not be hesitations. Walking to the end the way of wisdom men can obtain internal peace, which will help him to comprehend and accept his own existence.

“I Knew The way”
In this song the vision as expressed in the lyrics encapsulates a concept as deep as real. Indulging in personal inclinations separates from the journey towards the highest realization of one’s own life, as well as from reaching God.
Self-discipline is fundamental to reach the highest peaks that men can aim. In fact intuition is incomplete, an objective seen but not yet conquered! Sacrifice exalts in joy, and fear of departing from the earthly things at the end of living disappear.

“Heroes Of Sponge Cake”
The words of Alessandra Basile, are poetry transcending into an invocation to universal harmony, which is the spring of interior wellbeing for each man. The same wellbeing is source of wisdom, that needs to be nurtured continuously so that it will preserve. The identical wisdom is delicate though, hence it flies away easily. Likewise, the human mind jams up with ideas and becomes restless moving away from it.
Common but deep people, heroes of sponge cake who challenge the destiny day by day, perpetrating the pursuit of a universal, harmonious balance. It is spontaneously human requiring for help to the cosmic creator. So that he guides humanity outside the darkness of a cruel past, and into a new era of light.

Walking towards new horizons the rhythm beats timing purely afro. Percussions colour the beginning with mysticism. The counterbass in 4 and drums in 6/8, delivers an intriguing polyrhythmic pattern. Trombone recalls the teacher as in Hindu rituals, echoes ed influences come from all over the planet. From Jenny B’s delicate voice comes the invocation so that the teacher reveals more to his disciples, in a growing sound where Renato D’Aiello offers an impeccable performance, firm and meditative.
It is a homage to who discloses the paths of knowledge, revealing the journey with new light and vital energy.
The revelation unfolded from a teacher open the disciple’s mind to infinity, which the latter will anticipate fervently in any other occasion to contemplate new horizons of knowledge.

“I’ll be your wings”
A shuffle funk growing into a Bossa-jazz, where bongos double the tempo making the music more urban and jungle. A blues with outstanding solos of piano and trumpet, where Mika’s voice is in contrast with the rest making the track even more particular.
This song is a hymn to fly metaphorically. Two people can elevate to such heights to become stars of a same constellation in the sky. And music makes easier to achieve this.

“Invisibile Blessing”/“Three for You” /“Heroes Of The Conquest”
These are the three instrumentals in the album. Invisible blessing Is the anthem dedicated to the creative force that inspired and formed this work.
The gentle theme played by the horns takes us back to some compositions of the early Paul Horn. In the second part of the piece, African echoes in a daunting groove contrast openly with Marco’s ethereal solo on piano.
The Trio dedicates Three For You, to the listeners of this “concept album”. The game of words highlights the musical collaboration of three people with the “timing” of the composition in ¾. It sounds like a theme out of a movie: jolly, ironic, without a care. The imaginative soundtrack is inspired by the European Big Band of Kenny Clarke and Francy Boland. Heroes Of The Conquest, mostly in Latin style, lifts up the ambition of social affirmation and economic accomplishment. The horns theme is firm yet ironic, because ultimately we are all “Heroes Of Sponge Cake”.