The Invisible Session
‘TILL THE END (Panoptikum Remixes)

Released: 2006

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From the trio Luciano Cantone, Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi the project named The Invisible Session came out in March 2006. A strong, deep and spiritual jazz album, which was anticipated by another single, “To the Powerful”.

Unlike that 12” which contained the album version as well, this forthcoming release contains uniquely the two versions of a rework made by the Austrian duo Panoptikum, who took on the album title “ ‘Till The End ”. The piece in the album is one of the most immediate in it. A rhythmical exploration which elevates a Bossa Nova clearly performed as empty from Brazilian mannerisms, where ‘beats’ shape a fluid swing in the sixteenth played over the ride. In contrast to the rhythmic pattern is the singing by Jenny B, deeply soaked in lyricism, in a typical blues style.

The Panoptikum remixes shake and twist the structure of the original without losing the central spirit of it. They added new shapes to the structure of the song, yet keeping in mind the essence inside the original. Now that the spiritual sounds of Detroit are ruling the former jazz-not-jazz floors around the globe, the Panoptikum remixes make even more sense. With a certain tech/house feel and by crossing over the borders of nu jazz to reach just the right kick. AME or Carl Craig could linger in the atmosphere around theses remixes. They are aimed at the dance-floors without forgetting the spiritual source they come from. On Side A the vocal version more soulful and lifting. On side B the instrumental more dub and electronic. Together they are prepared to cause stormy ambience in the club. Don’t miss it!