The Invisible Session

Released: 2006

  SCEP 421 | EAN: 8018344114217 | Buy EP 12"



This forthcoming remix from The Invisible Session album brings the project to a new level of experimentation. Courtesy of an impeccably rhythmic remix by Inverse Cinematics as well as a quite unbelievable rework by Two Banks of Four. On Side A the German producer Danilo Plessow wizardly transforms the tile ‘Till The End, one of the strongest in the album both lyrically as well as musically, into a Samba-Bossa break conceived to storm the dance-floor. It sounds like an impressing combination of electronic effects with organic syncopated beats but paying full respect of the best parts of the original composition: the double bass, the vocals, the sax solo. Out of the melting pot comes a sound that is jazz contaminated by Brazilian rhythms, touched by finest electronic hints.

The first single coming out of The Invisible Session in winter 2006 was “To the Powerful”. Unlike the earlier 12” which contained the album version as well, Side B of this release presents a rather surprising version by the likes of Two Banks of Four helped out by the touch of Ski Oakenfull on keys. The London future jazz combo dissected the original take, reconstructed the vocals, twiddled and fiddled with the composition to present a twisted yet highly imaginative remix.

Do not let this vinyl pass you by for it contains the elements to tickle one’s palate. A club bomb on Side A, a cerebral broken jazz to listen to on Side B.