The Invisible Session

Released: 2006

  SCEP 425 | EAN: 8018344114255 | Buy EP 12"



Here comes another version of “To the Powerful”, but do not be jaded it’s a double-whammy by Schema’s very own Soulstance. The Lo Greco bros. prove they are not only serious producers and musicians but, can they remix too? They can indeed.

The bass guitar carries “To The Powerful” towards a different sound dimension if compared with the other remix of the piece by 2Banks of 4 or even the different take by the Invisible themselves -SCEP 411 introspective extension-. The groove is consistent and deep; the interpretation of the tune, the beats, the keys, the chords all open up to future jazz echoes driving the syncopation in the rhythmic realms of slight broken-beat. It all makes up to a heavy club tune to be played by fat-bass sound systems.

If that is Side A, what to expect on Side B? “My Inspiration” is the other piece from the album re-worked by Soulstance that is found on the flipside, and it clearly follows the path traced by Side A, at least as to the rhythmic patterns. It is finest electronic combined to acoustic jazz interpretation, displaying swing and harmony. All in a combination where it is hard to tell between the music parts of the original jazz piece and the additional ones used in the remix. In this lays the great ability of Soulstance. Listening is believing! Watch out jazz-dance DJs out there!