Released: 2024



As Vezes” is the third in a series of singles by singer-songwriter Toco that anticipate a full-length album that will be released in April 2024 by Schema Records; a captivating and engaging song that addresses various moments of a romantic relationship, its different facets, its encounters and disagreements.

Written by Toco and Stefano ‘S-Tone Inc.’ Tirone, who also produced it, and recorded at Schema Records’ Blue Spirit studios, “As Vezes” blends bossa nova and samba elements, and is highlighted by the contrast between the softness of the voices and the lively and striking presence of Gianluca Petrella’s brass arrangement. Alongside Gianluca in the recording studio we have Ramiro Levy (guitar, vocals), Edu Hebling (bass), Mauro Martins (drums), Priscila Ribas (vocals), Eduardo Taufic (keyboards) and Marquinho Baboo (percussion).