The Dining Rooms
ON AND ON (feat. Egeeno & Elea)

Released: 2024



“On And On” is the first single from The Dining Rooms’ new studio album, entitled “Songs To Make Love To”. This work, which will be the band’s tenth album, will be released next April.
The track is an engaging electronic ballad, where Egeeno’s voice not only interprets but also amplifies the rich composition of the Milanese duo. The track evolves into an evocative urban soul dimension, tracing influences of prominent artists such as Kali Uchis, Erykah Badu, and Anhoni. With ‘On And On’, The Dining Rooms once again demonstrate their ability to fuse electronic elements with soulful expression, creating an enveloping atmosphere that conjures up striking sounds. The anticipation of this tenth discographic chapter promises an exciting journey through the band’s unique creativity.