Released: 2024



The latest musical effort by singer/songwriter Toco, is ‘Carnaval Primeiro’, his fourth single anticipating the new album ‘Riviera’ to be released next April.

Carnaval Primeiro is an enchanting samba that gracefully navigates the complexities of heartbreak amidst the vibrant carnival season in Brazil. As a poignant antidote to loneliness and pain, the song invites listeners to immerse themselves in the lively revelry of the streets and carnival balls. Noteworthy contributions elevate the musical text, with Ramiro Levy’s cavaquinho and Gianluca Petrella’s trombone adding a layer of soulful brilliance. The ensemble is ably complemented by the talents of Priscila Ribas on vocals, Eduardo Taufic on keyboards, Marquinho Baboo on percussion, Mauro Martins on drums and Edu Hebling on bass. Leading the production is the experienced Stefano ‘S-Tone Inc.’ Tirone, whose expertise ensures a perfect fusion between the emotional lyricism of Toco and the infectious rhythms of the track.