Various Artists
BREAK N’ BOSSA Chapter 6

Released: 2003

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Really appreciated both by listeners and critics, more than just a compilation, “Break n’ Bossa” has been, during these years, the exact mirror of a music scene, rather, it was the project that literally invented a new music genre, giving a connotation and a point of reference to the growing up scene: Schema Records helped in its developement with all its artists.

You could think that a 6th volume was too much. That after 5 years of Break n’ Bossa it’s too easy to fall into clichés. But at Schema we think different and we are going to show you we are right. B’n’b represents the label and helped creating a sort of universal language capable to renew and at the same time faithful to the roots: this time we’re blazing a trail leading to a new concept of latin jazzy beats, leaving the old attitude of lounge sounds.

Just call it cuttin’ edge music with a true soul, over the current fashion. We are really proud to notice that our artists are contributing to keep the scene strong both for the bossa side (Nicola Conte and Gerardo Frisina) and for the break-electronic side (Fragment Orchestra and The Dining Rooms).

As for volume 5, this chapter is divided in 2 parts. Disc 1, with tracks not mixed, includes brand new tracks and it’s structured as a crescendo: we start from downbeat breaks at 110bpm to d’n’b beats with a great groove. S-Tone Inc.’s “Revelation” will be out as 12″ and Drumagik, with the exclusive track “Malandragen”, is known worldwide for his taste in brazilian breaks.
Disc 2, this one mixed by Schema’s mastermind Luciano Cantone, is more into the jazzy side and it was named “The Jazz con Bossa Session”. It contains masterpieces like Hird’s “Keep You Hird” or the Micatone remix of Nicola Conte’s “Arabesque”. Povo and Buscemi are providing extra-loads of tasteful vibes and the last track, The Dining Rooms’ “Tunnel” (both in the original version and in the Fragment Orchestra remix) received incredible feedbacks from international press and dj’s. Gerardo Frisina’s new track “Sophisticated Samba” is taken from the forthcoming album and you can hear as well two remixes he did for EasyBeat and PerfectToys (this one on CD 1); another gift from Schema is Vuca’s “Corsa Notturna”, previously available only on 12″. And the voyage of Schema into music is still on. Alive and kickin’!!!