Various Artists

Released: 2003

  SCCD 365 | EAN: 8018344013657 | Buy CD


A collection of Brazilian Bossa influenced tracks from some of the world’s next generation of classic bossa-nova artists. Another successful compilation by Schema. Looking to broaden the focus on music, the team worked on a compilation project that would pit together some of the various nu-bossa styles from around the world. You have artists from all over the globe, but you do not necessarily have the Schema artists, like Nicola Conte (he’s working on an album now), Gerardo Frisina (new album just released), Soulstance (album released spring of 2003), etc. included.

This release starts out with Thievery Corporation’s (featuring Bebel on vocals) “So Com Voce” followed up with one of most acclaimed Helena Noguerra tracks. Then comes an Audio Lotion song titled “O Deserto”, with the lead singers lazy voice putting you in the perfect mood for a drink late at night. Not to go into every song, but as you can already tell from the first three artists, this is quality! Also featured here was: Mo Horizons, Superpulse, Michal, Arkestra One and many many more. Strictly recommend – especially if you’re a fan of Break & Bossa. This one is extremely chill and easy-going.