Released: 2003

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Vuca is the brand new exciting side-project created by TheDiningRooms’ Stefano Ghittoni and Stefano Tirone, the mind behind S-Tone inc.; they are defining a new concept of modern dancing jazz inspired by the tribal rhythms of Africa. The name Vuca itself is infact inspired by an African dialect and means “wake up” and then is an invitation to stand up and dance.

“Bossafrica”, as you can imagine by the name, is a tribal deep tune ready for your dancefloors. All those rhythms are naturally filtered by Italian taste and flavours making the track (but side B as well) an example of coolness and balance. “Corsa Notturna” is immediately making you think about Grand Turismo cars and spy story. Style is the point behind this new project. The Style of Jazz. And the voyage of Schema is still on!