Alex Puddu

Released: 2014

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In 2009 we started up Pink Flamingo Entertainment as a sub label of Another World Entertainment. It?s aim was to release vintage and quality porn on DVD and VOD, as a counterpart to the cold and mechanical commercial porn of the mainstream. The first release was Ole Ege?s ?Pornografi? (1971), which we put out in 2009. Ole Ege was one of the pioneers of Danish porn, working from the period leading up to the legalisation of pornography in Denmark in 1969 and up until a few years after that. ?Pornografi? had previously been released on VHS and appears as a feature film, but it is in fact a collection of short films that Ole Ege had made for the blooming 8mm market at the time. The films are from the period 1964 to 1971, which means that some of the films are from before the legalisation of pornography and hence were sold under the counter. Shortly after releasing ?Pornografi?, I received a phone call from an elderly gentleman, who had been given my number by Ole Ege. He was a former business partner of the late Freddy Weiss, and held the copyright for and had a large collection of negatives for Freddy Weiss?s films, that had been released on super8 on the early ?70s. Freddy had been a photographer for Ole Edge in the early years but had later gone his own way. I told him that this all sounded very interesting and that I?d like to have a look at it. The next day a silver-grey Mercedes rolled into the courtyard of our office. The trunk was loaded with film spools. During the course of the following days I started gathering an overview of what the collection consisted of, which wasn?t easy, as it was all negatives. So I couldn?t just view them. Besides many of the spools were demaged by moisture and mold and the information on them was extremely sparse. Most of them were in a can or bag with a tiny note thrown in stating titles such as ?Anal Sensation?, ?Black Trinagle? etc. We selected some of them and sent them off for scanning so we could get a better idea of what we were dealing with. Most of what came back from the lab turned out to be a great quality and of high cultural value. But they had no sound and if we were to release them on DVD we had to find a soundtrack to make the viewing experience more entertaining. I did not for a single moment doubt that my good friend Alex Puddu was the right man for the job. I have a former career in the music business, where I got to know Alex in the early ?90s, while distributing the music of his first band, Excess Bleeding Heart.

In 2004 I put out Alex Puddu?s debut solo album ?Chasing the Scorpion?s Tail? and the year after that his second one, ?The Silence of the Sun and the Rhythm of the Rain?. Both on my record label April Records. I then left the music business in 2006 to dedicate my self fully to the film industry. Working with Alex Puddu had led to a close friendship between the two of us. We shared a love for the era of the late ?60s to early ?70s and would often meet up for good food (Alex is an incredible cook!) and listen to soundtrack records and watch films. Especially Italian Giallo and poliziottesco films from the ?70s. We also live out our mutual interest of the old soundtracks and the funky music of the era through our DJ?ing activities, in a club concepts such as ?Club Frenzy? and ?Orgasmo?, together with our dear friend Anders Arentoft (a.k.a. DJ Curious). So I knew that Alex would instantly understand which direction I wanted the soundtrack to go in for the first collection of Freddy Weiss?s short films,?The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography?.

And the end results of his work was nothing less than mind-blowing. It simply suited the films perfectly. Alex self-released the soundtrack as an ultra limited vinyl pressing of only 250 copies and that record got him signed to the acclaimed Italian record label Schema Records. Both the DVD and the soundtrack were well received worldwide and on selected occasions Alex Puddu and his band have performed his groovy ?70s style porn soundtrack live to Freddy Weiss?s sleazy films in cinemas. Now that I am standing here with ?The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 2? I can?t help but smile. Another great collection of films has been put together and Alex… well, he?s done it again!

That man is definitely the uncrowned king of groovy porn soundtracks… I love it! Thanks my friend!

Jan Schmidt, February 2014