Cesare Picco

Released: 2014

  SSB 034 | EAN: 8018344070346 | Buy CD



“Secret Forest” is a concept album that evolves as an ideal ascent: from the roots to the sky.

Each of us has his secret forest, an ideal place where we can lose and find ourselves, where magical encounters happen and reaching the more intimate source of our listening is possible. Coming back to listening to ourselves.

The sound of the piano becomes the means by which we approach this path to the roots of the listening. We just have to follow its voice and listen.

Cesare Picco brings us into this 62 mins long suite of total improvisation.

Music born in the precise moment in which the microphones recorded it – improvised and organised in real time.

This pieces come from a deep state of meditation. Conceived in total freedom, they have an accurate musical shape though.

Music that seems to be written, but is actually the outcome of an accurate musical vision. The beauty of the touch and the deepness of the silences are the core elements of Picco’s music.