Gerardo Frisina

Released: 2005

  SCEP 394 | EAN: 8018344113944 | Buy EP 12"



This single of Gerardo Frisina is a real 12” treat! On side A the oddball, outpacing style of Spiritual South take on “Beyond The Moon” revolutionising the whole song. The track was mutated into a shocking, electro-tribal theme. Sounding almost ‘broken-beat’ as for the rhythmic aspect, it is a pure display of remixing craft to the max. Very interesting, inventive and tribal-futuristic! Stay tuned to be surprised.

The flipside of the record contains another remix by Japanese Lava, which is definitely closer to the original version of “Beyond The Moon” on Frisina’s “Hi Note”. Yet the Lava rework is brilliantly played in a classy, soul-jazz interpretation. Reworked rhythmically, enhanced in percussion and various arrangements, is a beautiful take.

On the same B side is a reinterpretation by Nicola Conte’s Combo of Frisina’s “Gica’s Dance.” This catchy Jazz-dance tune, maintains the same lean rhythmic session and refined sound of the original. Here the highlight becomes the musicians’ ability to improvise over the main theme, producing a performance that is worth having.