Gerardo Frisina introducing Emily Jones

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Emily Christina Jones, born in Canada in 1979, raised in a family of European immigrants where music and reading were deeply encouraged. Her father, a noted meteor physicist and multi-instrumentalist, especially inspired Emily and passed on his tremendous passion for music to her. Also motivated by her mother’s love of classical music, Emily started studying voice at the Royal Conservatory with a trained opera singer and she also was a choir member. Paused in her vocal training at age of seventeen, due to the demands of her studies, she soon began to re-direct her energy towards seriously collecting music, as she completed her computer science degree at university. Captivated by the influences of cinematic jazz and sixties library music with wordless singing/vocalization, and the softer sounds and vocal techniques of singers like Astrud Gilberto and Barbara Moore, Emily greatly desired to be part of a project that would be reminiscent of these echoes from the past.

Italian jazz producer Gerardo Frisina, jazz and sixties soundtrack expert, understood Emily’s dream and put together the necessary elements with even more than his usual superb taste and style, and here are the first fruits of this effort. Featuring the Lo Greco Bros (Drums and Bass), Fabrizio Bernasconi on Piano, Germano Zenga on Saxophones, Fabio Buonarrota on Trumpet, and Emily Jones, vocals. Miss Jones represents a refreshing escape from the modern electronic dance music landscape. Instead her sets are full of music with real instruments, bright songs and swinging rhythms that make your toes tap. Recognized for groovy, upbeat music matched with a glowing smile, Emily whisks you off (in style) to a sunny coastal town you’ve never heard of, where it’s always summer, drinks have little paper umbrellas and you’re never the only one dancing.