Les Hommes

Released: 2008

  SCEP 340 | EAN: 8018344113401 | Buy EP 10"



The sound of… Les Hommes, a blend of spacey modal jazz, bossa beats, 70’s dub techniques, existentialist continental film soundtracks, obscure sampladelia and more.

Making use of the unusual and esoteric line-up of Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, vibraphone, drums and all manners of exotic percussion. Featuring the guest vocal tones of Rosalia De Souza.

Les Hommes after the release of the Ep “The Mood Is Modal” now present “Intraspettro” and “Pousada do Amour”, two new and exciting tracks taken from the forthcoming album.

2:05am, somewhere in (former) East Berlin, it’s 2 degrees below zero and you still can’t find that hip club listed on the flyer that you picked up hours earlier from your “contact” in the “western” sector…
Suddenly you can just about hear what sounds like some muted Tijuana trumpet echoing down a gloomily lit side street, this must be the place. From the outside it looks like a long forgotten bierkeller, the flickering neon sign above the door announces, “Club Real”. On entering, the audio/visual overload hits… this is it, the fantasy club scene that only ever existed before in your mind’s eye.
The dance floor is a giant chessboard, on each and every white square a go-go dancer is gyrating wildly to the pulsating, hypnotic, dreamlike sound coming from the band up on the tiny stage surrounded by strangely glowing seven foot high chess pieces…