Quartetto Logreco

Released: 2001

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This brand new album is therefore a sort of homecoming of Lo Greco to jazz recordings. “Reflections” reveals a new phase in Lo Greco history, a stage in which maturity becomes the absolute factor. The most they get experienced in music the most they dig and research into past influences. If at the beginning of their career their stylistic mark could be identified in fusion, nowadays, in 2003 Lo Greco decide to start a time-trip to homage some big names of jazz and a fantastic period of (afro) American music. Maturity is therefore the key to read this album, maturity as a particular needing and inspiration.

The reference of this music is then coming from late ’50 and in particular all the Coltrane works. This is clearly shown in the drum patterns, really influenced from Elvin Jones style (the famous “three in four”) to create a spiritual atmosphere and the title itself, “Reflections”, is an homage to Davis and Coltrane. The record features great musicians like Marco Bianchi on piano, well known composer and arranger, e Sandro Cerino, a fabulous flute player, but the real surprise is Rosen sax, really relaxed, like searching for a peaceful dimension, for a spiritual highness to permit “Reflections” in the deep of one’s mind.

Schema is more than ever operating on various fronts, even against mainstream commercial choices, as shown in the years by the release of albums like The Jazz Convention, Quartetto Moderno and Schema Sextet. The voyage into jazz music for Schema is still on.