Nicola Conte and his Group

Released: 2008

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This work offers two reinterpretations of classics of the ’60, which are not included in the album: “Groovy Samba”, released on the album Cannonball’s Bossa Nova (1962, Riverside Music), by Julian Cannonball Adderley with the Bossa Rio Sextet led by Sergio Mendez, who is the author of the piece. “Solo” is an evident tribute to Joao Theodoro Mereilles, another notable South American instrumentalist died June of this year. The last two tracks are alternative versions of the those included in Rituals and composed by Nicola Conte: “The Nubian Queens (Samba Version)”, performed by the young up-and-coming singer Jose James and “Paper Clouds (Uptempo Version)”, embellished with the persuasive voice of Kim Sanders.