Paolo Fedreghini

Released: 2003

  SCEP 359 | EAN: 8018344113593 | Buy EP 12"



Yes, we all are into what is called nu-jazz. But Past is more than a reservoir of samples for us at Schema records. Past thought us how to read and judge today’s music. And this is a tribute to Our Past. Paolo Fedreghini, a freshman in Schema artist roster, rebuilds bootsting swinging rhythms a new version of a classic tune written by Sahid Shihab and performed by the glorious Clark-Boland Sextet. Great music is timeless. And voyage of Schema into jazz is still on.

From the original liner-notes by P.Fedreghini: “…I got acquainted with and listened to “Please Don’t Leave” for the first time on a day when Schema/Rearward gave me “Calypso Blues as a present”, a magnificent record that from that moment on spurred my desire to listen to a music so old but so bloody “new”. The clean sound and the live recording made me tap my foot as if I was listening to something extremely square but with a background theme that could go on and on for hours”.