The Dining Rooms

Released: 2007

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The series of remixes taken from the latest 2007 album of The Dining Rooms “Ink”, reaches a new exciting chapter by the 3rd EP. Both remixes in it are delivered by two very special guests.

Side A contains the work of none-other-than Christian Prommer. The Berlinese producer is one of the hottest name currently on the scene, through his “Drumlessons” project on Sonar Kollektiv as well as others RMXs for Compost and K7. His touch gives to “Fatale” a brand new shape. Live, organic percussions are blended into a spacey and electronic vibe. The result is a full length, sophisticated club mix. A very crafty production, with dreamy shades that are slightly dark.

Side B presents the remix of the title track of TDR’s album “Ink”. The long time reciprocal esteem brought Swinscoe’s outfit, The Cinematic Orchestra, to put hands on a vocal tune, as opposed to the instrumental on side A. This is already the 2nd remix done by them for The Dining Rooms. In perfect style with their own last album, the ‘Cinematics’ restructure the original piece which features George-Ann Kalweit on vocals through a poignant string section; adding even more emotions to what is already an expressive song. The lingering atmospheres recreated by the Cinematic Orchestra make the track sound intense and dramatic yet not heavy and very enjoyable.

“Ink ep 3” is a balanced and original 12”, including two diverse tracks that have the potential to become ‘must-haves’ for collectors and DJs worldwide.