The Invisible Session

Released: 2006

  SCEP 417 | EAN: 8018344114170 | Buy EP 12"



It has been a long time since we last heard of The Invisible Session. Their ’06 album gained general consensus in the Nu Jazz scene presenting a repertoire of spiritual/deep-jazz compositions. These have been remixed by hot names among club djs (Phil Asher; Panoptikum; 2Banks of Four; Faze Action…).

Two new tracks in this 12” single represent the final tiles composing a forthcoming album that will contain all the remixes done for the Invisible Session project. On side A Koom-H retouched “My Inspiration” using Funky/Deep House although the beginning of the track sounds Broken. Certainly a tune designed for groovy clubs and groovy people. The beat recurs in never-ending loops and it feels like it you don’t want to stop it. As opposed to that, side B offers the Mitchell & Dewbury mix of “I’ll Be Your Wings”. The sweet female voice from the original version, adorned with a new arrangement, creates a spontaneous modern Bossa. The musicians, from the piano to the horns, perform in a crescendo which culminates in an explosive finale.

Thanks to the quality and variety of the mixes included, The Invisible Sessions remixed album is going to be an excellent recording you cannot miss.