Released: 2023



“Leão Leonardo” is the first in a series of singles anticipating the release of Toco’s next album due in spring 2024. It is a very heartfelt and engaging song that constitutes a homage to a childhood friend, a tribute to a deep and everlasting bond, as well as a return to a place very dear to Toco: the Guarapiranga water reservoir near São Paulo in Brazil.

“Leão Leonardo” is mainly inspired by two great samba jazz masters, Jorge Ben and João Donato. Recorded at Schema Records’ Blue Spirit studios and produced by Stefano “S-Tone Inc.” Tirone, who skillfully captured the spirit of this track and elaborated the essence and energy of its songwriting, “Leão Leonardo” sees Toco’s alluring voice masterfully surrounded by an ensemble of exceptional musicians: Donatinho (keyboards), Tuca Milan (percussion), Ramiro Levy (guitars), Edu Hebling (bass), Mauro Martins (drums) and Priscila Ribas (vocals).

This is only the beginning of an exciting journey that will slowly bring to light the various nuances of Toco’s music. “Leão Leonardo”, as well as on digital format, will be physically released on a 7-inch record in Autumn 2023, accompanied by a second unreleased track, “Guajiru”.