Rhapsódija Trio


Rhapsodija Trio is one of those happy combinations of circumstance. It brings together three systems perfectly independent from one another, musicians with different backgrounds, meeting to form a further reality by pushing back and forth the sparks of each other’s creativity.

Maurizio Dehò’s story began many years before during the 70’s, when a young musician( Moni Ovadia) was making himself heard with the original “Gruppo Folk Internazionale,” the trio itself assembled in 1993 in Milan. Maurizio Dehò’s musical background is extensive having studied at the gypsy school for violin in Budapest and also attended at the Benares Hindu University (India) to study the techniques of Hindu violin and raga.

Luigi Maione plays guitar and opposed to Dehò’s research Maione’s, talent is self taught. He has contributed to innumerous live shows in his forming years and experiences vary from working for TV stations and movies, (gingles, soundtracks etc), especially “Pane e Tulipani” to writing songs and winning important recognition in poetry.

Pietro Marazza is what can be called a whole artist. He has a diploma in harpsichord in Milan and a diploma in guitar at the Conservatorio di Piacenza, where he enhanced his studies of piano and composition. To his name there are about one hundred compositions for harpsichord and 30 for guitar (methods & original pieces). Also Pietro worked extensively with Moni Ovadia for whom he arranged most of the creations of “TheaterOrchestra”. Rhapsodija is a continuous overflow of ethnic music.

* * *